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September 13, 2017

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, September 5 was an interesting afternoon bowling, with a move up to the Federation Room.

It is always a challenging venue due to the uneven level of the floor, it requires bowlers to adapt quickly or struggle, some adapt quickly others find the going tough and so it was today.

The runner-up team with two wins and 30 points was lead S. Dudziak, third M. Pratt and their skip S. Bishop.

The winning team also with two wins and 32 points was lead S. Trembath, third G. Mills and their skip P. Manning.

Friday, September 8 saw a small but enthusiastic group of members turn up to what was an excellent afternoon bowling by members.

The runner-up team with two wins and 32 points was lead S. Jones third D. Roberts and their skip J. Wilson.

The winning team also with two wins and 34 points was lead G. Sander, third P. Kerr and their skip D. Pleming.

The club is starting a night competition to give working people the opportunity to take part in indoor bowling.

A number of people approached members in the past expressing a desire to take part in indoor bowling, but due to their work cannot take part during the afternoons, so the club decided to provide night bowling for those wishing to take part.

The night bowling will start on Wednesday, September 13 and will continue every second Wednesday from then on.

Corowa Golf

Well it wasn’t the weather interfering with things early in the week.

It was the ‘coring of the greens’ which meant no lady niners, no golden oldies and no Tuesday pro competition.

But as all know, this is an important time for the greens and it won’t be long before they are great again.

Wednesday, September 6

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Anne Harris (Wodonga) 37 pts. Runner-up - Ann Nicol 35 pts. Ball winners - Ros Black 35 pts, Selina Barkley, Marlene Stuart 34 pts. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Vera Mason, B grade - Ros Black, C grade - Jutta Wheatley.

Thursday, September 7

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Phil Dunning 39 pts. Runner-up - Rod Rosengren 38 pts. Third - Alex McGillivray 37 pts. Fourth - John Fraser 35 pts. Ball winners - Peter Stathis, David Twiss 34 pts, Peter Tait, Tim Patton 33 pts. NTP’s - Dalton Wegener 4th, Peter Justin 18th.

Saturday, September 9

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Sandra Lewis 36 pts. A grade r/up - Marg Tobin 34 pts. B grade winner - Jutta Wheatley 39 pts. B grade r/up - Barbara Spinks 38 pts. Ball winners - Nola Carmosin 37 pts, Ann Nicol 36 pts, Jacquie Lawler 35 pts, Donna Rohrich (Albury) 34 pts. NTP’s - Barbara Spinks 4th, Noreen Miller 27th.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Phil Rosser 40 pts. B grade winner - Neville Tait 40 pts. C grade winner - Craig McNaughton 39 pts. Ball winners - Gary Clinch 39 pts, Michael Hooper, Les Payne, Greg Eales (Yarrawonga), Ken Bailey 38 pts, Andrew Monte, Michael Love, Bob Parr 37pts, Peter Tait, Glen McKenzie, Alf Arthur, Phill Densten 36 pts. NTP’s - Kevin Weavell 4th, Tom Embleton 27th.

Sunday, September 10

PAR: Winner - Michael Love 4. Ball winners - Doug Ward 3, Stuart Trott, Ernest Whitehead 2, Peter Willcox 1, Sue Patton, Kelli Cunningham 0. NTP’s - Elaine King 27th, Doug Ward 27th, Craig McNaughton 18th.

Howlong Golf

Monday, September 4

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Tom Johnson 40 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Rodney Moyle 40 pts. B grade winner - Doug Poole 42 pts. B grade r/up - Peter Smith 39 pts. Ball winners - David Twiss 39 pts, Doug Burt, Alan Hutchings, Graham Gould 38 pts, Tom Bennett 37 pts, Neville Brown, Robert Backhouse, Wendel Reitenbach, John Culhane 36 pts. NTP’s - Wendel Reitenbach 2nd, Neville Brown 5th, Peter Redhead 18th.

Ladies Stableford:

A grade winner - Dot Reitenbach 40 pts. A grade Gwen McCarthy 37 pts. Ball winners - Beverley Pilfoot 37 pts, Gloria Martin 36 pts, Maralyn Seddon 35 pts. NTP - Angela Lee 5th.

Tuesday, September 5

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Gary Dundas 38 pts. A grade r/up - Robert Forrest 37 pts.

B grade winner - Peter Smith 41 pts. B grade r/up - Paul Evans 37 pts. Ball winners - Peter Riches, Peter Donovan 37 pts, Ian Bain, Reginald Outen, Kevin Murphy, Peter Stevens, Russell Schmidt, Gordon Goodear, Bill Tomkins 36 pts, Ken Rampling, Ian Rough, Rod Petty 35 pts, David Smith, Peter Daley 34 pts. NTP’s - David Smith 2nd, Reginald Outen 5th, Robert Watson 8th, Gary Dundas 18th.

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Heather McCallum 34 pts. Runner-up - Loretta Lehmann 31 pts.

Thursday, September 7

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Neville Brown 42 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Donovan 40 pts. B grade winner - Ian Schirmer 41 pts. B grade r/up - Kelvin Shannon 40 pts. Ball winners - Doug Poole, Michael Hibberson, Gerry Hellmann 40 pts, Bruce Bengough, Don Nothrop, Alan Panther 39 pts, Garry Smith, Don Eastick, Bill Tomkins 38 pts, Peter Smith, Tony Jelbart 37 pts, Peter Redhead, Jim Fairweather, Phil Kamber, Gordon Goodear, Robert Laidlaw 36 pts. NTP’s - Peter Redhead 2nd, Michael Hibberson 5th, Ken Rampling 8th, Kelvin Shannon 18th.

Friday, September 8

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Don Nothrop 22 pts. Ball winners - Anthony Fitzgerald, Peter Walsh, Gregory Gardiner, Thomas Larkins 20 pts, George Lee, Peter Denton 19 pts, John Arthur, Glenn Tomlinson, Peter Hastings, Keith Lambert, Daniel Krause 18 pts.

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Darryl Daniel 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Glenn Stevenson 38 pts. Ball winners - Michael Hollis 37 pts, Bob McPhail 34 pts, Damien Shanahan 33 pts, Brian Austin 32 pts. NTP - Bob McPhail 18th.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Yvonne Sheather 21 pts. Runner-up - Valerie Cross 19 pts. Ball winners - Alice Rasmussen, Gail Arthur 19 pts, Kate Daly, Julie Donovan 17 pts, Maureen Wood 16 pts, Fay Dean 15 pts.

Saturday, September 9

Men’s Monthly Medal – Nett: A grade winner - Brandon Purtell 67. A grade r/up - Kevin Ferguson 69. B grade winner - Paul Purtell 69. B grade r/up - Reginald Outen 71. C grade winner - Stephen Martin 68. C grade r/up - Jim Fairweather 69. Ball winners - Glenn Tomlinson, Bob Watson 69, Russell Schmidt, Patrick O’Keefe, Bruce Bengough, Bruce Barnes 70, Ian Bain, Rowan Hall, Deon Van Der Merwe, Robert Forrest, Philip Trimble, Scott Proctor 71, Graham Gould, Tim Mildren, Nigel Hazell, Peter Redhead, John Arthur, Stephen Donaghey 72, Neville Batt, Paul Packham, Robert Laidlaw, Chris Talbot, Ray Reid, Quinton Cooke 73. Gross winner - Deon Van Der Merwe 75.

Eagle - Brandon Purtell 11th. NTP’s - Anthony Daley 2nd, Andrew Morrison 5th, Anthony Daley 8th, Ian Bain 18th. September Medal winner - Brandon Purtell.

Ladies Stroke: Winner - Liz Greenhill 67. Runner-up - Karen Gelley 68. Ball winners - Fay Barnes 69, Robin Stevens, Judy Stephens 70, Ann Bumbers 71, Melinda Blumoser 72. NTP - Judy Stephens 5th.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Junior

Spring is here, warmer days better for golf.

Not much happening at the moment.

One semi-final of the Louise Briers SKO has been played - H. Eggleston def N. Duursma 4/3 and as this goes to press the other one will be played - J. Williams v P. Prescott.

Good luck to both players.

Two of the north east players who played in the Golf Vic Sandgreens at Wedderburn last week won the foursomes - G. Marshall (Beechworth) and R. Keer (Albury), well done to those girls both sandgreen players.

Next Wednesday at home September 13 will be stableford, monthly medal.


Wednesday, September 6 - Stableford - J. Williams 35 pts, r/up H. Eggleston 32 pts.


The juniors welcomed a newcomer this week, Kyle, it was his first lesson and he did very well.

Alf had a skills test this week and don’t think the boys had been doing too much practice and that doesn’t make the head coach happy.

So come on juniors let’s do lots of practice this week and make him happy.

Joseph was again missing, still not quite recovered from his little op - hope to see you next week Joseph.

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