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September 06, 2017

Corowa Golf

Because the clubhouse was closed on Monday and Tuesday, it’s likely the Lady Niners and Golden Oldies did not play as no results could be found from them this week.

So we will get on with what I was able to locate.

Tuesday, August 29

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - John Caminito 37 pts. Runner-up - Bob Ronnfeldt 35 pts. Ball winners - Roger Bradford 34 pts, Wayne Peglar 33 pts, Rod Rosengren 32 pts.

Wednesday, August 30

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Trish Lethbridge 36 pts. A grade r/up - Vera Mason 34 pts. B grade winner - Jutta Wheatley 35 pts. B grade r/up - Tessa Merritt 35 pts. Ball winners - Sheila Van Haren, Margaret Beel 34 pts, Margaret Playford, Margaret Bradford 33 pts, Roslyn Black, Elaine King 32 pts. NTP’s (27th) - A grade - Selina Barkley, B grade - Sandra Lewis, C grade - Tessa Merritt.

Eagle - Ann Harris 23rd.

Thursday, August 31

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Harrison Payne 40 pts. Runner-up - Steve Rodway 39 pts. Third - Alf Arthur 39 pts. Fourth - Graeme Pickett 38 pts c/b. Ball winners - Jason Cawthray, Allen Wood, Peter Carter, Glen Wallis 38 pts, Anthony Livingstone 37 pts, Martyn Cunningham, Alex McGillivray, Tim Patton 36 pts. NTP’s - Darren Hughes 4th, Sam Plunkett 27th.

Saturday, September 2

Ladies Stroke and Monthly Medal: Overall winner - Jutta Wheatley 102/73. A grade winner - Ross Black 96/75. A grade r/up - Margaret Playford 97/75. B grade winner - Jutta Wheatley 102/73. B grade r/up - Joan Fletcher 111/75. Ball winners - Marg Tobin 82/75, Heather Briggs 91/75, Trish Lethbridge 84/76, Margaret Bradford 97/76. NTP’s - Heather Briggs 4th, Donna Rohrich 18th.

And it’s congratulations to Jutta Wheatley for taking out this month’s monthly medal.

Men’s Stroke and Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Matthew Willson 83/72. B grade winner - Terry Johnstone 89/71. C grade winner - Wayne Miller 89/70. Ball winners - Ben Taylor 91/72, Bob Ronnfeldt 96/72, Dan Balzer 89/72, Craig Scown 84/73, Peter Reid 85/73, Alan Nicol 104/73, Andrew Scott 78/73, Mark Plunkett 91/73, Bob Parr 82/74, Sam Sargood (Royal Melbourne) 75/75, Peter Carter 103/76, Gary Chappell 89/76. NTP’s - Matthew Willson 4th, Andrew Scott 18th. A grade scratch winner - David Robb. B grade scratch winner - Terry Johnstone. C grade scratch winner - Wayne Miller. And this month’s medal goes to Wayne Miller for his 89/70. Well done, Wayne, congratulations and wear it proudly.

Sunday, September 3

Stableford: A very small field today - must be Father’s Day, or something.

Anyway here are the results with a few visitors to bolster the players.

Winner - Truman Addison (Thurgoona) 37 pts. Ball winners - Wayne Miller 31 pts, Craig McNaughton 29 pts. NTP’s - Truman Addison 27th, Peter Addison 18th.

For your diary

Saturday, September 9 - 4BBB stableford aggregate.

Wednesday, September 13 - stableford, round four Lethbridge Cup to be played on or before this date.

Just came across a rather good adage - maybe quoted by Arnold Palmer - “The road to success is always under construction”.

Like it?

Happy Golfing

‘The Bogeyman’

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

The club championships are done and dusted.

Congratulations go to Y. Williamson winning division 1 with 96-94-95 = 285.

Joint runners-up N. Duursma 100-95-96 = 291 and J. Williams 106-96-89 = 291, J. Williams came home with a wet sail in the last round, but just could not bridge the gap.

Division two won by P. Cooper 117-116-102 = 335, runner-up P. Prescott 117-117-113 = 347.

Going into the last round there was only a shot between them, but Pat Cooper got her act together and came home with a 102 and that put a stop to anyone else.

Well done to all those who took part in the rain interrupted championships.

The best net three scores over championships was P. Prescott 74+74+70=218, runner-up was H. Eggleston 84+78+68=230.

The club is now looking forward to fine weather for the tournament on Thursday, September 21.

Put that date in your diary golfing ladies, the club would love to see you.

At the moment the course is a one, just a small run and the mower man says that by September 21 it will be in A1 condition, so come on ladies.

Our congratulations to Hans Duursma on his hole in one on Saturday, September 2 during a mixed, not quite sure who was more excited - Hans or Nancy, it was on the 14th.

Ladies next week will be playing stableford.


Division one winner - Y. Williamson, runner up N. Duursma won on count back from J. Williams.

Division two winner - P. Cooper, runner up - P. Prescott.

Day winner August 30 - stroke, H. Eggleston 96-28-68, r/up P. Cooper 102-33-69.

NTP’s - J. Williams 8th, P. Prescott 4th, 2nd shot.

Good Golfing


Had a short session on Saturday morning as there was a mixed tournament, but the juniors managed to play three holes and some good shots and not so good shots.

Paddy was again showing the way with 24 and Ryn 30, which is a great effort.

Joseph is on the sick list, hurry up and get well soon you were missed.

And as Alf told you - keep practicing.

Howlong Golf

Monday, August 28

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Loretta Lehmann 21 pts. Runner-up - Fay Dean 20 pts. Ball winners - Don Nothrop, Maureen Wood 20 pts, Frances Young 18 pts.

Tuesday, August 29

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Shayne Vogel 38 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Donovan 37 pts. B grade winner - Peter Jarman 42 pts. B grade r/up - Gordon Reynolds 41 pts. Ball winners - Tony Jelbart, Reginald Edwards, Ian Williams 40 pts, Keith Lambert, Richard Murray, Don Eastick, Peter Riches 38 pts, Owen Tittensor, Gideon Rottem, Steve Ash 37 pts, Graham Clarke, Bert Washington, Wendel Reitenbach, Tom Johnson, Bill Iverach 36 pts, Peter Hastings, Robert Blundell, Peter Morton, Michael Hollis, Bruce Bengough, Bill Simmonds 35 pts. NTP’s - David Smith 2nd, Gordon Bryant 5th, Peter Stevens 8th, Shayne Vogel 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Rachael Wright 38 pts. A grade r/up - Cheryl Wigmore 35 pts.

Ball winners - Carol Fairweather 35 pts, Margaret Austin 34 pts. NTP - Karie Lowe 5th.

Wednesday, August 30

Ladies 4BBB Stableford: Winners - Lyn Crocker and Karie Lowe 47 pts. Runners up - Fay Hunt and Chris O’Toole 45 pts. Ball winners - Joan Trevethan and Diane I’Anson 45 pts, Lorraine Walton and Dot Reitenbach 44 pts, Heather McCallum and Maureen Harris, Beverley Simpson and Gail Howard, Helen Embleton and Rachael Wright, Angela Lee and Caryn Ericson 43 pts. NTP’s - Dot Reitenbach 2nd, Maureen Harris 5th, Fay Barnes 8th, Lyn Crocker 13th.

Thursday, August 31

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Mick Kenna 40 pts. A grade r/up - Michael Hibberson 39 pts. B grade winner - Patrick O’Keefe 40 pts. B grade r/up - Robert Laidlaw 37 pts. C grade winner - Brian Michalowsky 39 pts. C grade r/up - Ivan Yates 38 pts. Ball winners - Tony Jelbart 39 pts, Laurence Moylan, John Coughlan, Noel Yewers, Bruce Bengough 38 pts, Gordon Reynolds, Reginald Outen, Neville Brown, Phil Kamber 37 pts, Peter Smith, Tom Bennett, Gavin Hallett, Peter Smith, Stephen Sang, Bruce Ritchie, Alex Krause, Tom Johnson 36 pts, Brian Hardidge, John Kimber, Jeff Cashman 35 pts. Eagle - Peter Stevens 14th. NTP’S - Neville Brown 2nd, Jeff Cashman 5th, Peter Smith 8th and 18th.

Friday, September 1

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Jacob Metcalfe 41 pts. A grade r/up - Brett Livingstone 37 pts. Ball winners - Jo-Anne Whitehead 37 pts, Cherie Kaiser, Michael Cootes, Ernest Whitehead, Craig Buchanan 36 pts, Glenn Stevenson 35 pts, Morris Lauder 34 pts.

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Clinton Munro 20 pts. Ball winners - Peter Hastings 20 pts, Rod Petty, Shayne Rutherford 18 pts, Russell Schmidt, Wayne Koehler, John Arthur, Neville Batt 17 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Lyn Crocker 25 pts. Ball winners - Cheryl Wigmore 24 pts, Gail Arthur 23 pts, Lee Nothrop, Yvonne Sheather 20 pts, Heather Poole, Valerie Cross 19 pts, Susan Gibb, Maureen Wood, Eve Byatt 18 pts.

Saturday, September 2

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Bruce Barnes 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Shane Taggart 39 pts.

B grade winner - Tom Johnson 40 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Clinton Munro 40 pts. C grade winner - Scott Jackson 39 pts. C grade r/up - Bill Tomkins 38 pts. Ball winners - Gary Taylor 39 pts, Ray Van Klaveren, Mick Kenna, Les Stevens, Raymond Robins 38 pts, Max Abel, Tom Murphy, Paul Evans, Bob Watson, Chris Talbot, Eddie Fah, Tony Jelbart 37 pts, Doug Poole, Paul Purtell, Bruce Bengough, Wayne Koehler, Tim Kirkwood 36 pts, John Van Nispen, John Arthur, Scott Proctor, Tim Mildren, Peter Redhead, Ian Charles, Mal Walter, Henk Van De Ven, Gerry Hellann 35 pts. NTP’s - Graham Chick 2nd, Robert Richardson 5th, Les Stevens 8th, Jacob Schonafinger 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Glenda Hoskin 40 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Robin Stevens 40 pts.

Ball winners - Cheryl Wigmore 39 pts, Michelle Stevens, Susan Wood 37 pts, Lorraine Horton, Dot Reitenbach 36 pts. NTP - Lorraine Walton 5th.

Sunday, September 3

Men’s Stableford: Winner - Gary Dundas 40 pts. Runner-up - Andrew Neilson 34 pts. Ball winners - Robert Bingham 34 pts, Brennan Williams 33 pts NTP’s - Paul Purtell 2nd, Mathew Porter 5th, Andrew Neilson 8th, Paul Purtell 18th.

Ladies Stroke – Nett: Winner - Maralyn Seddon 70 c/b. Runner-up - Glenda Hoskin 70. Ball winner - Gwen McCarthy 72. NTP - Liz Greenhill 5th.

Corowa Services Bowls

Following a well-attended members’ general meeting and under overcast skies, Corowa Services Bowls officially opened its greens for the season 2017/18.

During the meeting O & M certificates were presented to the Men’s Triples runner-up team Wayne Lee, Peter Summerill and Larry Turner and Ladies Anne Summerill, Laurie Way and Margaret Barber.

Members were told that Ladies and Men’s State events are being held together and will be held before the Christmas break – please check the board for closing dates.

After the meeting bowlers played two games and enjoyed a barbecue lunch between game one and two.

Prizes drawn from the cards were awarded to winning lead Anne Summerill, second Roly Nixon, third Greg Dormer, Skip David Lewis and Loosing lead Julie Holmquest, second Lynne Mills, third Murray Scown and skip Troy Brockley.

Social bowls will continue Tuesday and Thursday and Pennant practice on Saturday commencing at 1pm, and on Sunday, September 10 Barooga Bowls Club will visit for the Murray Challenge, lists are now on the board.

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