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August 30, 2017

Corowa Golf

A bit of rain through the week, but a dry weekend to finish off and it helped the scoring as you will see.
Monday, August 21
Lady Niners: Winner - Rhonda Clarke. Runner-up - Maureen Jeeves. Putting was equal between Rhonda and Maureen too. Just remember ladies - Mondays are 8.30am for 9am hit-off.
Tuesday, August 22
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Glen McKenzie 40 pts. Runner-up - Graeme Pickett 38 pts. Ball winners - Bruce Pearce, Bruno Munaric 35 pts, Peter Justin, Bruce Burton, Gary Chappell 34 pts.
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Rob Wiltshire 20 pts. Runner-up - John Culhane. Ball winner - John Battern.
Wednesday, August 23
Ladies Par: Winner - Joan Fletcher +1. Runners up - Mandy Buchanan (Wodonga) and Jutta Wheatley both -1. Ball winners - Maureen Jeeves, Barbara Spinks, Noreen Miller -3. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Trish Lethbridge, B grade - Jacquie Lawler, C grade - Ann Nicol.
Thursday, August 24
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Haydn Jones 39 pts. Runner-up - Craig McNaughton 38 pts. Third - George Gerrard 37 pts. Fourth - Neville Tait 36 pts. Ball winners - Glen Wallis, Dalton Wegener 36 pts, Phil Rosser, Peter Goddard 35 pts, Richard Jamieson, Jason Cawthray, David Grindly, Peter Stathis 34 pts. NTP - Bruce Grainer 4th.
Saturday, August 26
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Playford 38 pts. Runner-up - Margaret Bradford 32 pts. Ball winners - Jacquie Lawler, Jutta Wheatley, Vera Mason 31 pts, Trish Lethbridge 30 pts c/b. NTP’s - Trish Lethbridge 4th and 27th.
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Darren Hughes 38 pts. B grade winner - Peter Reid 36 pts. C grade winner - Graham Skinner 38 pts. Ball winners - Doug Ward, Wayne Miller 37 pts, David Robb, Ben Playford, Phil Rosser, Steve Rodway 35 pts, David Anderson 34 pts, Anthony Livingstone, Gary Clinch 33 pts, Gary Davie, Ross Lewis, Dennis Sandral 32 pts.
NTP’s - Wayne Miller 27th, Ken Bouchard 4th.
Sunday, August 27
Play Off Final - Single Stableford: Ladies Stableford: Overall winner - Heather Briggs 33 pts.
Ball winner - Allie Parker 31 pts. NTP’s - Allie Parker 18th and 27th. Heather Briggs won the 12th jackpot hole with a prize of $708.
Men’s Stableford: Winner - Phill Dunning 34 pts. Ball winners - Geoff Ellis 33 pts, Peter Wilcox (Thurgoona) 32 pts, Doug Ward 32 pts, Ken Walkinshaw 31 pts, Phillip Wilkinson, Allen Wood 30 pts.
NTP’s - Craig Scown 18th and 27th.
So that’s todays results - now let’s look at the final results and before we get too far into it we must dearly thank our sponsors for this event - Corowa Supa IGA, Kilara Financial Services and Gyles Newsagency, many thanks to each of you for your valuable interest and assistance with prizes etc.
Your help is invaluable.
Now let’s look at the top ranking people in each of these events.
Ladies Play-Off Leaderboard - Heather Briggs 44, Louise Hold 38, Carol Bailey 28, Sue Patton 26, Allie Parker 19, Florence Hudson 16.
So many others were unable to play on each of these three days and so their scores are of course lower.
But its congratulations to those six mentioned - well done.
Men’s Play-Off Leaderboard: Doug Ward 29, Allen Wood 27, Peter Wilcox 25, Phill Dunning 25, Geoff Ellis 24, Ben Taylor, Neville Tait, Trent Vonarx, Wayne Miller 22, Peter Tait, Phil Wilkinson 20, Gary Clinch 19, Dalton Wegener 18, Ken Walkinshaw, Michael Love 16, Robert Craig, Tim Patton 15.
Of course it depends on how many of the four events that entrants have played, some in the group above have played in just two.
But thanks to the 11 ladies and 62 men who entered the event - it all helps these great events.
For your diary:
Wednesday, August 30 - ladies J and E Nankervis to be played.
Saturday, September 2 - stroke, ladies and men’s monthly medal to be played.
Saturday, September 9 - 4BBB Stableford Aggregate.
Wednesday, September 13- round 4 Lethbridge cup to be played on or before this date.
Happy Golfing
‘The Bogeyman’

Howlong golf

Monday, August 21
9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Don Nothrop 18 pts c/b. Runner-up - George Lee 18 pts. Ball winners - Gary Richmond, Lee Nothrop 16 pts, Peter Walsh, Michael Ursu 15 pts.
Tuesday, August 22
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Brandon Purtell 40 pts. A grade r/up - Bruce Bengough 36 pts.
B grade winner - Neville Batt 36 pts. B grade r/up - Ivor Bumbers 35 pts. C grade winner - Rod Bensley 40 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Robert Blundell 40 pts. Ball winners - Lyndon Hemphill, Michael Kerlin 37 pts, Graham Clarke, Peter Riches, Martin Tobin, Edward Wornes 36 pts, Bob Watson, Steve Ash, Tony Jelbart, Bill McKenzie, Bruce Barnes, Doug Burt 35 pts, Neville Brown, Russell Mooney, Alex Krause, Ian Williams, Jack O’Halloran, Dev Knighton, Wayne Degering, John Whittle, Robert Richardson 34 pts. NTP’s - Gary Davies 2nd, Jack O’Halloran 5th, Scott Proctor 8th, Shayne Vogel 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Fay Barnes 37 pts. A grade r/up - Anne Bowd 35 pts. Ball winners - Suzanne Richmond 34 pts. NTP - Lorraine Walton 5th.
Wednesday, August 23
Ladies Annual Tournament 1st 18 holes:
Grade A Place Getters: Glenda Marshall, Jenny Garner, Kim Robinson 78 pts, Noellene Wells, Melissa Gash 79 pts, Margaret Duncan, Jeanette Edwards, Janice Graham 81 pts, Sarah Lugsdin, Lynnette Stewart 82 pts.
Grade B Place Getters: Anne Craig, Judy Stephens, Karie Lowe 75 pts, Julie Sunley 76 pts, Lynette Vildovas, Gail Howard, Anne Bumbers, Joan Trevethan 77 pts, Lois Fitzpatrick 78 pts, Gale Bramich 79 pts.
Grade C Place Getters: Rosslyn Hamilton 70 pts, Robin Stevens 71 pts, Maureen Harris, Mervyn Lawson 72 pts, Lyn Crocker, Sandira Bissessor 73 pts, Dot Reitenbach, Caryn Ericson, Maree Ryan, Heather Chaston 74 pts.
NTP’s - Lynette Blake 2nd, Heather Treloar 5th, Glenda Hoskin 8th.
Thursday, August 24
Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - John Arthur 41 pts. A grade r/up - Bruce Bengough 37 pts. B grade winner - Michael Slattery 43 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Phil Kamber 43 pts. Ball winners - David Horton 41 pts, Brian Hone 39 pts, Peter Walsh, Richard Murray, Jeff Cashman, Laurence Moylan 38 pts, Kelvin Shannon, Francis Queen, Garry Smith, Ian Rough, Tom Bennett 37 pts, Ken Rampling, Reginald Outen, Tom Johnson, Alex Krause, Ronald Southern 36 pts. NTP’s - John Van Nispen 2nd, Neville Batt 5th, Bruce Bengough 8th, Laurence Moylan 18th.
Friday, August 25
Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Rod Petty 21 pts. Ball winners - John Arthur 19 pts, Kel Smith, Wayne Koehler, Gregory Gardiner 18 pts, Nathan Chapman, Michael Gardiner 17 pts, George Lee, Peter Hastings 16 pts.
18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Brandon Purtell 43 pts. A grade r/up - David Smith 37 pts. Ball winners - Dev Knighton 37 pts, Jason Moffat 34 pts, Darryl Daniel 32 pts, Allen Brown 31 pts, Kevin Murphy 30 pts. NTP’s - Jason Cawthray 8th, Allen Brown 18th.
Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Karie Lowe 22 pts. Ball winners - Fay Dean, Jan Hastings 19 pts, Dot Reitenbach 18 pts, Margaret Fowler, Wendy Lambert 17 pts.
Saturday, August 26
18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Neville Brown 38 pts. A grade r/up - Bruce Bengough 36 pts. B grade winner - Bill Tomkins 41 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Fred Erkamps 41 pts. Ball winners - Scott Proctor 39 pts, Ian Charles 35 pts, Ronald Chaffey, Phillip Barker 34 pts, John Muller, Patrick O’Keefe 33 pts, Brett McMahon, John Van Nispen, Owen Tittensor Michelle Stevens 32 pts.
NTP’s - Peter Stevens 2nd, Michelle Stevens 5th, Bruce Bengough 5th, Peter Stevens 8th.
Men’s Ambrose (s): Winners - John Watkins and Trevor Schroeter 60.5. Runners-up - Sam McIntosh and Matt Versteegen 60.75. Third - Martin Tobin and Wendel Reitenbach 62.5. Ball winners - David Atkins and Dylan Pool 62.5, Paul Purtell and Brandon Purtell 63, Joshua Carr and Brian Carr 63.5, Gary Dundas and David Smith 65.25, Paul Elliott and Stephen Trask 65.5, Bill Day and Andrew Neilson 66.75.
Eagle - Paul Purtell 5th.
NTP’s - Trevor Schroeter 2nd, Paul Purtell 5th, Wendel Reitenbach 8th, Steven Hilton 17th.
Ladies Ambrose (2): Winners - Margaret Tobin and Donna Rohrich 64.5. Runners-up - Fay Barnes and Angela Lee 66. Ball winners - Glenda Hoskin and Melinda Blumoser 66.5, Gail O’Halloran and Anne Weiss 68.75, Sue Harris and Robin Stevens 69.75, Lorraine Walton and Lorraine 70.75. NTP’s - Judy Fah 2nd, Margaret Tobin 5th.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

A wet couple of weeks on the course.

The tournament had to be postponed and will now be on September 21.
First round of championships was put on hold and has now been played.
A couple of good scores in division one will make it interesting in the final round, as in division two.
The leaders in division one - Y. Williamson 96-94 and N. Duursma 100-95.
In division two - P. Prescott 117-117 and P. Cooper 117-116.
So will be very close in both divisions.
Other tournaments have also been postponed owing to the wet - Yackandandah now in November, Chiltern is now the first round of the Drummonds Challenge, and we hope now to get our championships finished.
Wednesday, August 23 stroke S/S day winner - P. Prescott 117-43-74, runner-up - Y. Williamson 96-16-80.
Saturday, August 26 stroke day winner - P. Prescott 117-43-74 runner-up - N. Duursma 95-19-76.
Good Golfing
With much relief for all - Alf is back looking fit and healthy, the juniors were pleased to see him and so was the assistant coach.
They had fun learning a couple of new grips and practicing putting.
So next week players should again practice some holes.
Alf tells says that all the guys have done well.
Paddy had a Saturday off last week but is back and doing well.
The juniors also had a wet Saturday so have catching up to do.

MRVGA – Corowa Veterans Golf

Thirty-two players, including five ladies from neighbouring clubs, took to the Corowa Golf Club in this month’s event on August 14.

The business partner supporting the event was Rob Rowe, family and team who provided the winner’s vouchers - thank Rob for your stalwart support.
The ladies winner was Joan Trevethan (Howlong CGC) carding 34 Stblfd points with a handicap of 22 and runner-up was Ann Bumbers (Howlong CGC) with 30 off a 20 handicap.
NTP winner on the 28th hole was Jenny Williams.
Lady’s ball rundown winners all receiving a golf ball were; Pat Prescott (Rutherglen GC) 27 pts, Heather Eggleston (Rutherglen GC) 25 pts, Jenny Williams (Rutherglen GC) with 20 pts.
Due to the size of the field there were no grade winners as such so the men’s winner was David Twiss with a good come-back score of 39 off a handicap of 27.
Runner-up was Ivor Bumbers (Howlong CGC) with a score of 37 on a c/back playing off a handicap of 20.
Ball run-down winners were; Alan Nicol 37, Bruce Ritchie (Howlong CGC) 37, Gordon Sawyer (Howlong CGC) 36, T Bennett 34, Robert Laidlaw (Howlong CGC) 34, Laurie Moylan ( Howlong CGC) 33, Joe Lackner 33, Tom Larkins (Howlong CGC) , Andrew Scott, and John Arthur 33 each.
Group ball winners - Laurie Thatcher (Rutherglen GC); Richard Jamieson; Tom Johnson (Howlong CGC); John Culhane; Lindsay Steer (Tarra GC); Tony Jelbart (Howlong CGC) and John Backhouse.
Our raffle winners were Robert Duursma and Tom Bennett, each receiving a Pro Shop voucher.

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