Roos Netball action

May 12, 2016

Sophie Hanrahan secures the catch against her opponent. A Grade
Roos 30 def by Lavington 49.

A great first quarter effort – the team’s goal is to play this way for four quarters.
Great persistence and effort even if the ball didn’t fall the girls’ way.

Let’s focus on correcting errors and the wins will naturally come.

Thanks to Sarah Borbidge for stepping up.

Congratulations to the Joeys on a wonderful win - what a thriller.
Susan Hines and Club 2 awards – Sophie Hanrahan –Great shooting percentage and achievement of your individual goals.

Cath Svarc – Club 1 award – Fantastic consistent game – ever reliable.
Grace Hanrahan Origin Clothing award – Explosive leads which beat even the most agile players. Steph Clancy – Ladies Committee award – Great defence, amazing hands.
B Grade
Roos 19 def by Lavington 60.

A great team effort and despite not winning the girls implemented lots of things they have been working on which made the awards hard to decide.

Ro Black - Susan Hines award and Club 2 – Had a birthday during the week and just gets better with age; her leadership was excellent and applied great defensive pressure.

Georgia Cargill – Club 1 – Excellent game in centre, talking well and providing great drive down court.

Sarah Chandler –Essential Beauty award – Strong in defence, her step up was good and started using her voice again.

Kailey Athanitis – Ladies Committee award – Shot at 75% in the last half giving the girls a boost of confidence.

Carlie Smith – Coaches Award – Had a great game passing well and never giving up.

Sarah Borbidge took seven intercepts in half a game of netball.

Verity Fowler and Nicole Beale moved well with Kailey in goals.

Bree Clark was having a great game until she was forced off with injury.

Well done girls – your hard work is paying off. 
C Grade
Roos 9 def by Lavington 57.
The girls did well against a very tall and experienced team.
Kylie Greig – Susan Hines and Club 1 award – Enjoyed the week off training and came out firing.

She had some great intercepts and when she moved into GD she drove the ball well into attack. Ange Grantham - Club 2 –Another senior player who stepped up this week.

She intercepted many balls and was able to move the ball down court.

Montana Eisenhauer – Doc Yarrum award – Had a great game, was strong and fed well into goalies. Jade Lane - Ladies Committee award – Read the ball well and led well down court.

When moved into GK she combined well with Kylie and took a number of intercepts.

Molly, Hannah and Belinda tried very hard in goals against a very tall and aggressive defence.

Amy and Emma tried hard all day.

Hannah Tidd was excellent in defence again.

Great work, keep working hard.
Under 16s
Roos 39 def Lavington 36.
Emily Laracy – Susan Hines Award– Kept it tight in defence providing much needed turnovers.

Club 1 – Ella Kingston had a stellar game in midcourt with 12 intercepts, stepping up and showing great form.

Club 2 – Zali Spencer, fantastic work in the ring with Emily providing turnovers when her team needed them.

Zoe McLiesh - Sportspower award – had an awesome second half standing strong and working really well with Jess and shooting accurately.

Liv Hughes - Ladies Committee award – played a great game in goals moving well and only missing two goals.

Jess King’s passes were perfect into Zoe.

Maddi Clark stepped up in the last quarter applying pressure creating turnovers.
Ally Halton had another great game, strong and standing her ground and passing really well into goals.

Lisa Cooper was great again in mid court with four intercepts and Layne Burmeister played an amazing game in WD leading well and passing strong down the court.
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